Monday, January 21, 2008

Mashed Potatoes with Kale and Vegan Gravy

Today for lunch, I fed my kids mashed potatoes, which is something they love. I know I've been on a potato theme lately, but I'm trying to transition off of chips and cookies, so potatoes are helping. I didn't eat the potatoes today, though. I decided to try and sneak some kale in there, for the kids. I chopped it up in very small pieces and steamed it over the potato pot as the potatoes were cooking.

Of course, they knew there was kale in there because it was obvious by the green flecks, but you really can hide the taste that way. With vegan gravy, they're delish! The kids ate a big mound of potatoes and a big green salad. Unfortunately, they put ranch dressing on their salads, but they are putting less and less on nowadays as I tell them how unhealthy it is for them. It's like a competition between them. Who can put the least amount of dressing on their salad and still be able to eat it all? LOL.

Here is a picture of their mashed potatoes and vegan gravy:

This is the gravy I used. So quick and so easy. As it says on the package, "Just add water."

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