Thursday, January 31, 2008

Corn, White Beans, and Green Beans in Green Onion Sauce

Here's another great recipe from Marilyn Diamond's cookbook. I have to say that there is lots of great information in here other than recipes! You should really have this on your shelf. :) I see that Dr. F. may have been inspired by her cookbook as she has a cashew cream sauce recipe and I know Dr. F. says cashew cream sauce is one of his favorites.

Anyways, here's a recipe that the kids liked, but it was hard to get them to try it after they saw that the sauce was green. Once you pour it into the "stew," it isn't green anymore, but they saw it in the Vitamix after I had prepared it.

Corn, White Beans, and Green Beans in Green Onion Sauce

2 medium green onions
2 T. whole wheat flour
1 c. soymilk
1/2 tsp. crushed garlic
Salt-free seasoning
Freshly ground black pepper
2 c. green beans, trimmed and cut in 1-inch segments (I used frozen, since they were to be cooked anyways. IMO, there should have been double the amount of green beans in this stew.)
3/4 c. chicken-flavored vegetable stock, or 2 tsp. light miso, dissolved in 3/4 c. boiling water (I used regular vegetable stock, as that is what I had on hand.)
4 ears fresh corn, cut from the cob (approx. 4 c.--I used frozen, but did not use this much...I doubled the recipe and used 5 c. of corn in total and I still think that was too much. I'll probably use 3 next time.)
2 1/2 c. cooked Great Northern or navy beans (I forgot to cook some, so used 2 cans in my doubled recipe, but I should have used 3 cans.)

The sauce in the book calls for 1/3 c. of olive oil instead of the soymilk and flour, but I wanted this to be free of so much oil, so I made a different sauce.

1. Pour a little bit of soymilk into a large saucepan. Add the flour while whisking and continue to add the rest of the soymilk, slowly. Continue whisking until it is well mixed and let it come to a boil. Let boil until nice and thick and add more soymilk while whisking if you think it needs more.
2. Pour this mixture into your Vitamix (or blender) and add the green onions and garlic and whirl it all together. Set aside.
3. Steam your green beans until tender. Set aside.
4. Heat broth in same saucepan. Add corn and simmer 5 minutes or until tender.
5. If using prepared beans from a jar or can, rinse under cold water. Add to corn with green beans and bring to a boil. Add sauce and heat mixture over medium heat, stirring for several minutes, until well blended and heated through. Adjust seasonings.

Like I said, this had too much corn and not enough white or green beans, so I'd add more next time.

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