Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Down another 11 lbs.

I have been really busy with packing (we're moving to Oklahoma from Missouri), so haven't posted at all, but I took some more pictures to compare to when I was 11 lbs. heavier. So, here they are (the first pic is the before pic at 184.4lbs., next is 164 lbs. and the last in each group is the after pic at 153 lbs.):

Side view (I had a bow tied in my blue shorts today, so it looks like it's sticking out more than it is. Boohoo!):

Face (I don't have a face shot from 184.4 lbs.):

Side view:

My pictures got all messed up, but you can see which is which by the outfits. Today, I had on a brown shirt and blue shorts. I still don't see a big difference, but I know it'll just get better and better as long as I keep day at a time. :)