Monday, June 26, 2006

Tomorrow is here!

Ok, so, I started today and my attitude is really bad. I'm rebelling like a child! I've been thinking today that I think I might rather be fat than not be able to eat ice cream and Cheez It's anymore. I know, it's really not very inspirational of me to talk that way.

Here's what I had to eat and it's not 100% Eat to Live, but I'm taking baby steps.

Breakfast: Pineapple

Lunch: Salad--Lettuce, refried beans, sugar snap peas, carrots and salsa for was a boring salad and I was wishing I could just eat a bag of tortilla chips with it. I couldn't finish the whole thing, though, because I was stuffed!

Dinner: I made french bread pizza's for my family. They had ground turkey on them, although I had planned to make them veggie. I started making the bread late and the roasted veggies were still cooking when the bread was done. Everyone was starving, so I grabbed the ground turkey out of the fridge (leftovers...they had to be eaten some time) and made their pizzas with that. I had roasted veggies (potatoes, carrots and broccoli) and had a piece of french bread with homemade tomato sauce baked into it (I know it's not "legal" to eat steps...).

I'm so excited, though! I started gardening this year and have a small garden. I've been preparing the soil for about a year and a half and have been burying our kitchen scraps there. A couple of months ago, I noticed something coming up that didn't look like a weed. I decided to keep it and tried to find a picture of the leaves on the internet. I thought it might be cantaloupe and was excited at the thought.

A friend of mine is an avid gardener and she came over one day to look at it and said that she thought it was a pumpkin. Not as exciting, but it was fun to know that we'd have free pumpkins this year to carve.

The other day I went outside to see if any pumpkins were growing yet and here's what I found!

It's taking over the whole garden...LOL!

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