Thursday, June 29, 2006

Day 4 Six Flags

Well, we went to Six Flags today and I'm exhausted! I didn't eat much during the day. We got there at 10:30 am and left at around 3PM. The kids ended up eating their lunch on the way home. I couldn't really eat my salad and drive, so I ate some baby carrots and sugar snap peas to curb my hunger.

Because I didn't eat for a long period and because I was in the sun all day, I have a headache. I was drinking water throughout the day, so I didn't get too dehydrated. I did have one no-no food. On the way home, we stopped at the gas station and I was really hungry and hot, so I got a 12oz. "smoothie." It was more like a slush and it said "All Natural" on the machine. LOL! That was so amusing to me because I wondered how they got that bright blue color for the blue raspberry flavor by using natural ingredients! I looked for a nutrition information label, but there wasn't one on the machine. Oh well. I had it anyways. At least it said, "100% Fat Free!" lol.

Ok, on to my menu for today.

Breakfast: 1 banana and 1/4 apple (I brought the rest into the park for my toddler.)

Lunch: I didn't really eat lunch, but had a small amount of baby carrots and sugar snap peas along with my 12 oz. all natural, 100% fat free blue raspberry smoothie. LOL.

Snack: I had a half a piece of bread to take away the gnawing in my stomach. I know I hadn't eaten enough food during the day and the 1/2 piece of bread really helped until I was able to eat dinner.

Dinner: Red Pepper White Bean Paste from Vegan Family Favorites. I changed it a bit by using a food processor rather than a blender and blending the roasted red peppers in with the beans, rather than laying them on top. I put it on a salad with steamed broccoli and red and green peppers.

The kids had it over brown rice and the toddler had the same, but I cut the broccoli smaller and mixed it up a bit so it would stick to the spoon nicely when he fed himself.

The kids didn't really like it, but they did eat all of their broccoli. They are picky eaters and ended up eating salad slathered in ranch dressing after dinner and one of them had toast (homemade bread) with Earth Balance, sucanat and cinnamon on it. My 14 yr. old is sitting next to me eating a not-so-healthy frozen burrito. Oh well. He did eat all of his broccoli. lol.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm down another pound and a half today! Eleven and a half lbs. to go!



SusanV said...

That salad looks beautiful!

Jodi said...

Thanks, Susan! It tasted pretty good, too! :)