Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Day 3....hanging in there.

Well, it's the end of Day 3 and I'm hanging in there. I still didn't eat 100% E2L with my added bread (I will kick that habit, eventually!), but I didn't eat any chips and salsa that my kids were eating. That's a HUGE accomplishment.

Here's what I ate today:

Breakfast: Grapes

Lunch: Roasted vegetables leftover from a couple of days ago and a piece of french bread with homemade pizza sauce.

Dinner: Vegetable soup with a homemade hot dog bun

I know I didn't get my salad in today, but we got home late after my son's baseball game and I just wanted something quick. So, I pulled out the vegetable soup from last night and had that.

I stopped at the grocery store today to see if I could find some fat free dressing that I liked. After reading almost every label in the dressing aisle, I went home with nothing. So many of them had high fructose corn syrup and I just don't want to eat that. I really need to find a good salad dressing so that I can really enjoy my salads. I know I should learn to enjoy veggies as God made them, but I'm not there yet. It seems that many people following a lowfat, veggie diet have the salad dressing dilemma.

Tomorrow, we're going to Six Flags to celebrate my 9 yr. old's birthday (It was yesterday.). It's thundering out right now, so the kids are looking out the window and hoping the storm passes us by. I'm sure it'll be ok tomorrow, though. I don't think it's supposed to rain.

My dilemma is what to bring for lunch. I think I'll pack a salad for myself. I'll be making the kids PB and J with baby carrots and fruit. The fruit flies have ruined the oranges, so I won't be bringing those. I'm SO sick of fruit flies!

I haven't put my fruit fly remedy out yet and I know I should. I take a cup and fill about an inch deep with apple cider vinegar and cover it with plastic wrap secured with a rubber band. I take a fork and poke holes in the plastic wrap and the little buggers get stuck in there and drown in the vinegar.

It's not a nice way to die, I know, but I don't want them consuming all of my juicy fruit! I already keep my bananas in ziplock bags and I think I'll do that with the rest of my fruit. There's really no room in the fridge because it's stuffed full of my veggies. :)


TheWriterStuff said...

Great blog. My hat's off to you for home schooling 3 kids with a toddler, cooking for the family and cooking for yourself. Personally, I'm having a big problem staying away from the stuff I cook for my two sons. If you can't find a fat-free store bought dressing maybe you could try making some of the ones in the book. I haven't tried them yet but I have made my own dressing before. It's easy and you know what's in it. Take Care. Gail

Jodi said...

I know what you mean about staying away from the stuff you cook for your kids. It is very hard, but I'm motivated right now because I want this baby fat off!

As for dressing, I have tried some in the book, but I can't have nuts, so my choices are limited. I did read on the E2L list that if you substitute water for olive oil in a recipe, there isn't a difference in taste. I think I'll try that.

Anonymous said...

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