Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Day 2

Well, today was a better day as far as my attitude goes. I still didn't eat 100% Eat to Live, but I'll get there.

It is my 3rd son's birthday today. He's 9. We celebrated it on the weekend and are going to Six Flags on Thursday to celebrate some more, so today was a low key day.

I woke the kids up and said that I'd take them to the donut shop for a breakfast treat. They've never been there before and I know it's bad, but it's a birthday, after all. I've never taken them out for breakfast donuts before, so they were really excited. I didn't have one...I didn't even want one. I'm not really a donut person, so it was ok.

I weighed myself this morning and am 2 lbs. lighter than yesterday, so 13 lbs. to go. I know it was probably just water weight, but I'll take it!

Here's what I ate today:

Breakfast: Grapes

Lunch: Salad--Lettuce, carrots, green pepper, red pepper, great northern beans and salsa for dressing. I really need to find a fat free dressing that I like because salsa gets old after awhile.

Dinner: Veggie soup with 3...ok, maybe 4 small pieces of homemade bread. I know...I know... It's better than the bags of tortilla chips and Klondike bars I was eating over the weekend.

I didn't take any pictures of my food today because I just didn't have the time. My toddler doesn't sleep much and I got him down for a nap before I went downstairs to chop veggies for my salad. I got them all chopped up and my salad made and heard him crying. He only slept for about 1/2 hour, but I'm happy I get some time to myself.

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