Friday, July 21, 2006

It's sinking in

Well, I think it has sunk in that I'm pregnant. It was a crazy week! I had a little bit of spotting yesterday, so went in for another blood test and my hcg levels had more than quadrupled in 3 days (they look for them to double in 48 hours), so things look good so far. All the more reason to keep eating healthy, E2L foods!

I'm not really having any symptoms except that I'm tired in the afternoons. I "rested my eyes" today and the kids kept waving their hand over my face to see if I was asleep. They wanted me to fall asleep because I told them that when I get really tired or sick with this pregnancy, I'll pay them to watch their little brother so that I can sleep. They can't wait until I get sick. LOL.

Now for my daily food intake....

I started the day off with.........(ugh, I hate confessing this stuff!)Cheez Its. There, I said it!

That's pretty much all I had for lunch (didn't have breakfast because I didn't have time to cut up the pineapple).

For dinner, I made the Beans and Rice Bowl from Dr. McDougall's Quick and Easy cookbook. I omitted the rice for myself, but added it for my toddler and Paul. The older kids wouldn't eat it (I have no idea why because they do like that kind of meal...I make it often....maybe a little too often??), so made themselves salads....and then popcorn for a snack while they watched Narnia.

So, here is a picture of my dinner:

I've noticed that most of my salads look the same because I usually use the same vegetables. I'm a little picky, I guess. The meal is basically pinto beans (I seasoned them with Mexican spices, even though the recipe doesn't call for any seasoning.), green pepper, tomatoes, lettuce and cilantro all mixed together. Add rice if you want a starch and onion if you like raw onion, which I don't. I remember my dad used to eat them right out of his garden. He'd sprinkle a little salt on them and chomp away. Blech!

Well, I have to go make a sandwich for my 9 yr. old who has been reading over my shoulder and is talking about how picky I am. I told him I'm not as picky as he is and he said that he only likes American food and not "every country's food." (That's not true!)

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