Saturday, July 22, 2006

Day 2 of Pregnancy Blog

Today was ok. We had to get up early to take my 14 yr. old to football practice and I grabbed 2 apples as we headed out the door. Since gas is so expensive and football was so far away, we ended up going to the park so the other kids could play.

They got hungry, so we went to the convenience mart for a snack. Not good, but not terrible. I had a small bag of Baked Lay's potato chips.

Lunch was the same salad as last night's dinner and dinner was brown rice with a huge pile of broccoli.

I was doing great when my kids asked me to make chocolate chip cookies. They're vegan, but they are cookies. I used a recipe in Vegan Family Favorites.

The dough was very moist, so I added a bit more flour and cooked them. Here's what the first batch looked like (these aren't the best pictures because it's almost 11PM and I'm tired...):

A little They tasted way too buttery, so I added a bunch more flour and here's what the 2nd batch looked like:

Sorry to entice you all with pictures of warm, chocolate chip cookies. Me, I had 4......ok, maybe 5 of them.


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