Sunday, July 02, 2006

Day 7...End of Week 1

I made it one week and it really doesn't feel like it's been that long! I'm down another pound this morning, so I've lost 6 lbs. altogether and have 9 more to go. I'll probably want to lose a few more lbs. once I get to my goal, but I definitely need to firm up.

Here's a picture of my fridge full of yummy fruits and veggies:

Breakfast: Pineapple

There sure is a lot of waste from cutting two pineapples! My compost heap will be happy, though.

Lunch: Taco salad with lots of romaine and organic spring mix, veggies from last night's dinner, organic pinto beans and hot salsa from Trader Joe's. This was very good, but next time I'll use more salsa.

Snack: A few of those rice crisps from yesterday...I can't wait until those are gone.

Dinner: I made Vegetable Jumble with Cornmeal Crust from The Garden of Vegan. I used organic pinto beans rather than the soy crumbles and I forgot to add the green chilies to the cornmeal batter. Oh well. It was still very good, but next time I won't use Tabasco as hot sauce. I've never really liked the flavor of Tabasco sauce. The kids didn't really like it much and had salad to fill them up.

Here it is straight from the oven (I made two of to freeze for later.):

Here you can see the insides:

It's late and I'm exhausted!

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zenpawn said...

That vegetable jumble looks delicious!