Friday, February 01, 2008


In addition to starting to finally eat right, I've been exercising every day, too. I love the Slim in 6 series at This has worked for me in the past, so I decided to do it again.

I had been using their Turbo Jam program, but I don't like those as well.

What I like about Slim in 6, is that there are 3 different tapes. The first one is a starter tape and you do it for the first week. The second one is done for 2 wks. and the 3rd is done for the rest of the 6 wk. period (I think that's how it goes!).

I had never been a video person until I started using these videos. Now, I prefer to work out at home because I don't have to get the little ones all dressed and ready to go. Besides, Oscar (10 mos.) has stranger anxiety right now and cries for most of the time he's in the childcare at the gym. So, I pay the older boys to watch him while I work out first thing in the morning. It works great!

I also own their Power 90 videos and those are great as well. I prefer to do Slim in 6 for 6 wks. to jumpstart my weight loss and then either go through Slim in 6 one more time and then Power 90 or I'll do Slim in 6 for the 6 wks. and then Power 90 right afterwards. Either way works very well.

So far, I've been going for 5 days and will finish my first week's video tomorrow and have Sunday off.

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