Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Some progress pics

I'm still hanging in there, but I don't have as much computer time as we're planning an out-of-state move. It's a lot of work, but I'm still getting my workouts in. It's the one thing I said I will work hard to continue. Once I stop, I stop for a long time and I certainly don't want that!

Also, in addition to eating Dr. F's way, I joined Weight Watchers to help me with my portions. I'm not very good with portions, especially when I cheat. I figured that if I cheated on WW, at least I can stay within my points and still lose weight. And I have been losing weight!

I've lost about 20 lbs. since I started and took some new pictures today. At first, I was depressed when looking at them, thinking that I didn't look any different at all and that I'm as big as ever. I even compared my before and after pics side by side and they don't look much different to me. It's a little depressing. I know I've changed because I can get pants on that I couldn't get on before. Whatever...I'm just going to keep going and can't wait to lose 20 more.

Here are my pics....don't mind the lack of makeup and nappy hair. I am exhausted and didn't get enough sleep last night and I hadn't brushed my hair before taking the pic. I wish I would have had shorts on to compare, but my shorts were in the dirty clothes from working out in them. :)
Before and after pics:

184.4164 pics

184.4 2164 pics 2

Some closeups:

Closeup 164
Closeup 164 2

My starting weight was 184.4 and as of this morning, I'm at 164. :) I can't wait to be in the 150's!


Shez said...

Jodi, you are looking great. I see a big difference in the way you look. You'll be at goal weight in no time.

Mom said...

I see a HUGE difference! Keep up the good work.......